Law, the one aspect that governs every aspect of our modern society has been omitted in schools and our community. It is a discipline that is first taught as a rule. As adults, we learn what rules we have to obey and figure out what laws we can protest. However, this is not the type of legal education that will create engaged citizens. Just as students learn comprehension in various subjects and reasoning skills, they should also learn how the legal process works and the skills for legal reasoning. If we want our children to participate in social change we must first teach them the strategic prioritization of social values and limitations, budgetary planning, and compelling negotiations involved in a true democracy.

The Legal Kid Foundation Student Ambassadors Program:

  • Awaken young minds to be leading conscious citizens aware of the law, their own rights, respectful of the rights of others, and aware of the strength of their own voice.
  • Expand on young citizens’ legal literacy and comprehension of laws to use as key tools to resolve conflict.
  • Explore actual cases resulting from the typical legal issues kids go through when adjusting to diverse issues, inclusivity challenges, and legal understanding of inclusivity. 





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